couples therapy
Conflict is an inevitable part of being in an intimate relationship. Sometimes though you may find that the conflict you are experiencing is resulting in the relationship no longer meeting the individuals’ needs, communication breaks down and the future of the relationship is threatened. This can be the result of stressful life events, such as the birth of children, death in the family, work pressures, illness or financial difficulties. Sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what has gone wrong and couples therapy can help to understand what has led to the breakdown of communication and the unresolved conflict.

As with individual therapy, couples therapy will initially involve an exploration period to make sense of what lies behind the difficulty in the relationship and to set goals to work on going forward. Therapy will usually involve understanding what the couple has lost, what worked for them before and why this is no longer working. The needs of both parties will be looked at and therapy will work towards meeting both needs in a way that is non-threatening for the partners.