career assessment
The last twenty years have seen dramatic changes in the world of work. One of the biggest changes is that people will most likely change careers a number of times within their working life as opposed to training in one particular field and staying in that area until retirement. Jobs are no longer one-dimensional and people in the working world are expected to adapt to constantly changing demands. Self-knowledge is therefore critical as it enables you to change and grow with the dynamic needs of the working world. I offer career assessment to both school learners and people who have already been in the workplace for some time and are feeling unfulfilled by their current work situations.

Assessment for school learners
Using computer-based tools, the career assessment that I offer analyses the learner’s personality, interests, aptitude as well as values and motives. I also conduct a personal interview. The information gathered is then analysed against the learner’s perceived interest in a potential career to determine if this appears to be an appropriate choice and/or to open other avenues. Assessment can also assist in determining if unresolved emotional issues are influencing career choice in a negative way. The process therefore usually involves two parts: a 2 and ½ hour assessment and interview time and then an hour feedback session a week to 10 days later. The learner’s parents will usually attend the feedback session. A consolidated report summarising the information will be provided at the feedback session.

Career assessment is not just about generating a list of potential careers for the learner (although this may be part of it), but rather a process of empowering the learner with self-knowledge in order to make appropriate choices for him/herself.

If the learner has already undergone an assessment but is still struggling with career choice, I also offer one or two sessions to review the assessment and help the learner to finalise choices.

Assessment for people in the mid-career phase
You may have entered the world of work without having had an opportunity to really explore your needs and the type of work that would best suit your personality. In this case I am able to offer you either formal assessment as described above for the school learner and/or a number of sessions where we look at a way forward using the experience and training that you have already undergone to explore other avenues for your future career.